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Creative Consultant & Branding Leader


Variable Fee Range


Traveling From Indianapolis


  • He is an expert in creating marketing, communication, and service strategies that deliver “over the top” results and turn every customer into a loyal evangelist for life.


  • He shows companies and individuals how focusing on brand-centric language, authentic relationships, and creating loyalty has a larger impact on the bottom line.


  • Eric helps audiences understand the difference between a typical service and an uncommon, innovative, and emotional experience.




Eric Scudder draws on over thirty years of real, in-the-trenches, corporate creative life. He is a highly respected speaker on the topics of branding, advertising, creativity, and leadership. His business acumen is broad and deep and his presentations are high-energy, on-point, relevant, and truly effective. Eric has held many advisory and mentoring positions, been involved in corporate and non-profit start-ups, and has created and managed successful branding and advertising programs in his clients' industries.

After over thirty years of taking care of business in the advertising and creative arena, Eric brings his depth and breadth of experience and packaged it into a dynamic and effective keynote and training program. Eric sends his attendees away not only excited to make a change but armed with the tools to do so.

Eric has spoken across the Midwest in tourism, business development, higher education, destination identity, and not-for-profit branding.


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